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What We Do?

With over 9 years of experience in the consulting industry, Libra consulting offers a range of services to both small-owned businesses and multi-national companies.

Accounting &

All Businesses benefit from strong financial management processes and we ensure that the set of internal controls in place maximise accuracy and efficiency in the reporting.

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Our project management services aim to support business functions through collaboration, efficiency and automation of key processes by advising on IT systems and processes.

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Audit &

Audit allows you to evaluate the integrity of your company's internal controls, ensuring the effectiveness of your systems and maintaining shareholder confidence.

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Tax &

At Libra, we will not only review the level of compliance of your various tax and payroll documents including PAYE and VAT, but also advice on areas of non-compliance.

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Managing all financial accounts, including personal accounts, are an important part of a business and we ensure this by applying our accounting and bookkeeping service.

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All businesses benefit from strong financial and project management and need to understand the fundamentals of the concepts in order to build a business that would yield and gain profits.

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The structure of this department is important as it directs the internal controls of the company affecting the quality and delivery of the product and/or service provided.

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ERP: Systems

This is a system that allows organizations to manage day-to-day activities within every department including accounting, audit, HR, etc.

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